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Which Labrador colour is best for me? I think it is all depend on yourself that what is your favorite color. Today I am going to discuss about most trending and popular color in Labrador dogs.

Which Labrador colour is best

Which Labrador color is the most popular?

The most popular and trending lab colors are three such as yellow lab, black lab, and chocolate lab. The black Labrador has so demanded in past but in this era yellow and chocolate getting reputable. But these dogs just a popular in public as a pet while breeders always like to dominant black color for producing healthy lab puppies.

we believe that there are certain characteristics in these dogs’ color that are different from one another so you can chose one of them due to breeding concept and health problems. Some time breeders are don’t adopt popular colors due to future breeding planning and color genetics.

It is very important to selecting color when you like in accordance with breed traits and personal preferences, remembering that temperament and health are the most important factors.

So finally we expect that black Labrador retriever color is so popular in any case among dog fanciers who know the color genetics of lab dogs and breed genetics.

Why black Labrador retriever dogs so popular?

Actually black Labrador colour is best listed as a first due to different reasons such as this is only an original Labrador retriever color which carrying dominant features from ancient times.

It is considered that black labs are inheriting most powerful working, good learners and guard genes which make them so intelligent and smart canines. You can also chose from popular labs anyone which labrador colour is best for you hobby.

Which Labrador colour is best for home?

The most ideal colour of lab for home is yellow Labrador and silver. Yellow Labrador is most intelligent and affectionate as compared to other lab colors. They can easily adjust with your pets and family members.

What colour Lab is calmest?

It is considered that yellow color labrador are created to be therapy or service canines. This type of lab puppies is ideal for calmness feature from the opinion of dog experts. So you can adopt yellow Labrador puppies if you live in apartments have a short living space.

Is Fawn Labrador color is rare?         

Fawn lab colour is cute and amazing color but everyone doesn’t know about this hidden color. you should be analyze that what your puppy is little bit of lighter than standard yellow and don’t show as a fox red color so you believe that your puppy is fawn Labrador.

While on the other side breeders and experts are don’t call him as fawn Labrador due to this is not an official color recognized by AKC.

The rarest color is a chocolate Labrador – puppies can appear in semi brown, light brown or darker brown. If their parents have a black and brown so puppies might be show in darker chocolate coat.

So guys you can select any one of them from lab chart which labrador colour is best and suitable for your other pets.

Labrador color chart

If you are going to achieve some rare colors of lab so you should be familiar deeply with genetics as well as about proper expectation of recessive genes. A lot of institutions are offering service about invisible genes that your puppy might predict with some certainty the color of any offspring.

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