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Red Labrador is a very popular color variety in Labrador dogs. They are often known by the names Fox Red Labrador, Red Fox Lab, etc. This breed has a remarkable and unique coat color that is well-known for its startling resemblance to the red fox.

Actually, guys, Fox Red Labrador retrievers come in a vibrant and rich reddish color with a deep red or coppery hue, like the fur of a red fox. Labrador Retrievers with a yellow base coat and the gene modifier “e,” which amplifies the color to generate the red fox shade, are usually the ones with this coat color.

fox red labrador


It is confirmed that the red fox Labrador is a subbreed of the Labrador retriever, not a distinct breed. We have researched it deeply, and found that they were created in Canada and Newfoundland by some fisherman dog lovers as working canines.

Later, these red lab dogs gained popularity for dragging fish out of the ocean and recovering fishing nets. Their popularity was recognized by the American Kennel Club in 1917.


Red Labrador dog Genetic Chemistry


It is considered that the genetic variations within the Labrador retriever breed give rise to the coat color of the red fox Labrador. The “e” gene modifier, which can intensify the yellow base coat to produce shades ranging from cream to red fox, is responsible for creating the red fox coat color. The “e” gene is inherited from both parents; hence, both parents must contain the gene to produce red fox puppies.


red Labrador puppies

Do fox red Labradors carry the chocolate gene?


It is true that Red Fox Lab puppies carry the gene of the chocolate Labrador retriever. Because the chocolate gene is recessive, a Labrador must inherit two copies of the gene—one from each parent—in order to have the color of their coat.

A fox red Labrador will have a fox red coat color if it has one copy of the chocolate gene and one copy of the yellow gene. Its coat will be the color of chocolate if it has two copies of the chocolate gene.


Red Fox Labrador Photos

We have published some Red Fox Lab images from social media platforms, which you can enjoy below!

Red English Labrador retriever


red Fox and black labrador


Red Labrador hunting dogs


Red Labrador hunting dogs


Red Labrador long hair


long haired red labrador

Are fox red Labradors good pets?


No doubt! Like other lab dogs, the red fox Labrador might be a cute and ideal companion for your children and other house members. They are very great dogs due to their intelligence and trainability, which make them excellent choices for obedience training and hobbies.


Are fox red Labradors aggressive?


As we mentioned above, they are very smart and loyal dogs, but due to some reasons, they might be aggressive, such as territorial behavior, anxiety, fear, lack of socialization, etc. You can control every dog’s behavior with the most reliable environment and diet.


What do you breed to get a red fox lab?


To produce a red Labrador dog, some reputable dog breeders use Labradors with a yellow base coat and a gene modifier known as “e.” The yellow base coat is intensified by the “e” gene, resulting in hues that range from cream to red fox.

Since the “e” gene is inherited from both parents, red fox puppies can only be born if both parents have the gene.


Fox Red Labrador videos

It’s crucial to understand that rather than being a different breed or variety of Labrador retriever, the red fox coat color is the outcome of genetic differences within the Labrador retriever breed.

If you are very excited about achieving Red Fox Labrador, so prefer a reputable breeder that adheres to ethical breeding procedures. Another thing to keep in mind is that since there can be red fox Labradors in need of loving homes, think about adopting from a rescue or shelter.


Can I adopt Red Fox Labrador puppies in the USA?


How can I find a red Labrador retriever? There are some tips for adopting red fox Labrador puppies in your nearest areas all over the USA, UK, etc. You can search online through different keywords, like Fox Red Labrador breeders in America or UK, etc.

You should also search on social media websites and attend dog shows where you can meet some of the most authentic dog breeders.


Fox Red Labrador breeders in the USA

Red Fox Lab puppies are for sale in the UK,

Red labrador for sale in the UK, Ireland, Australia,


How much does a fox red Labrador cost?


If you have decided to buy a red Labrador dog or puppy, you should also know their average cost in your area. We have analyzed the market value of red lab puppies and found that you can expect to pay 750 to 2000 dollars in the USA.

The price of Red Labrador dogs is a little bit high in some countries because of their demand and quality of litter. When you visit a reputable breeders’ kennel club, they try to charge a high price as compared to market and local home breeders. It happens just due to their experience with keeping styles.


3 month old red Labrador

Red Labrador Dog Boy and Girl Name


Certainly! Here is a table of red fox-themed names for both female and male dogs:

Female Red Fox Names Male Red Fox Names
Ruby Rusty
Scarlet Copper
Ember Blaze
Ginger Auburn
Foxy Redd
Autumn Rustin
Cinnamon Rory
Saffron Phoenix
Poppy Rufus
Hazel Fire
Sierra Rowan
Autumn Jasper
Amber Fox
Copper Phoenix
Hazel Rowan

These names are inspired by the color and characteristics of red foxes, and can be a great fit for both female and male dogs with a red or fox-like appearance.




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