Remarkable Pug and French bulldog mix Puppies Cost & Info

Pug and French bulldog mix puppies are so eye catching little companion that play a vital role in your pet family. They are hybrid and come in existence by crossing French bulldog with pug. Frug dog has a different nick names like Frug, or Frenchie Pug etc.

pug mix french bulldog

Is a French bulldog Pug Mix ideal as a pet?

Yes! Their devotion and friendly nature make them excellent watchdogs. They are very friendly and talkative. Frug is a pooch who is well-mannered when the dog is socialized at an early age. This breed is great with household pets as well as young children. His coat is not in need of much brushing, however, his ears, wrinkles and eyes will require extra care.

There are some reasons why you should be adopting French bulldog pug mix:

The Frug is a character and is known to be the center of attention at parties.

It is known that French Bulldog Pug mix puppies are fond of chewing and chew, so ensure they have the right toys to satisfy the needs of.

It is possible to expect a canine shadow when you purchase the Velcro pooch.

He is very social and as a result, he is not happy being by himself.

He must be placed in the right family members who won’t let him be alone for prolonged time.

His coat doesn’t require to be brushed frequently However, his wrinkles eyes and ears will require more focus.

French Bulldog mix with Pug

His parents both are companion dogs. 

 Their affection and sociability makes them excellent watchdogs. 

  A Frug is a pooch with a good manner when it is socialized at an early age. 

 This breed is very compatible with other pets in the household and children.

French bulldog Pug mix puppy

How big do French bulldog Pug mixes get?

How big do Frugs get? If we talk about the size of the Frenchi pug canine so it might be ranges from 13 to 15 inches. In the final, French bulldog and Pug mix is a great option if you’re in the dilemma of which breed to pick. The average weight of French bulldog and pug mix dogs is from between 15-30 pounds and their life can range from 10 to 15 years.

Does French bulldog shed?


Pug mix with French bulldog is not hypoallergenic and therefore not suitable for people with allergies. Because of their shorter coats, they don’t require much grooming. These dogs do, however, shed quite a bit. Therefore, it’s essential to have a lint roller in your bag in all times.

Frug dogs have needed to be bathed every month, with special focus on keeping their ears free of wax buildup and other debris to prevent infections. Pet owners should be aware of washing their pet’s the folds of their body and face to prevent irritation and development of skin conditions.

How much does a pug mix Frenchi puppy cost?

A Frenchi pug puppy’s cost ranges from $1000-$2400. The puppies could cost more as they’re one of the most sought-after designer dog breeds available. As with all crossbreeds it is difficult to find a breeder who is specifically focused specifically on the French Bulldog-Pug cross may be difficult.

If you have interested to hiring these Frug puppies and adult dog so search online in your local area because every city or country have a different prices. You can also get info from the for more accurate price info.

Frug Full Grown Dog

Find French bulldog Breeders near me

There are some best and reputable Pug mixes with French bulldog breeders where you can buy and get more about French bulldog mix breeds.

Lorena Lopez in Modesto, CA 95358/(209) 534-2175

Paul Wegman in Wright City, MO 63390/(636) 697-3900

Shauna Carnahan in Raleigh, NC 27616/(919) 280-2975

Karla Lowe in Ringgold, GA 30736/(706) 260-9136

An excursion to the nearby rescue or shelter is a great alternative if you’re likely to adopt. There are hundreds of abandoned and neglected dogs are surrendered, so there is a possibility for you to locate an adorable French Bulldog Pug here.


Are French bulldog pug mix health issues?

according to the medical report and from top Frug dog breeders are consider that pug mix with French bull dog having in too health issues. They can inherit BOAS mean that can be inherited by a variety of drugs – A condition that causes short-nosed dogs to experience breathing difficulties. Your dog may be breathing heavily after exercising.

pug and french bulldog mix

This is especially true in the case of inheriting the eyes that are bulging from his Pug parent. He could be susceptible to several eye conditions, including corneal ulcers, protosis the progressive atrophy of retinas, as well as entropion or dry eye, in addition to general eye injuries that result from catching his eyes.

Skin allergies are also attack on these puppies because both of his parents suffer with sensitive skin, and there is a chance that he will suffer with specific skin issues such as demodectic mange, yeast infections, and cheyletiella dermatitis.

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