Labrakita – Akita Lab Mix Dog Puppies Price & Photos

What is an Akita lab mix?

Labrakita is so popular hybrid dog breed which come out after mating Labrador retriever and Akita (belong to mountains of northern Japan). The most cute, intelligent, energetic and perfect dog is an ideal for the large size dog lovers.

Are Akita mixes good dogs?

They are hypoallergenic and good house pet dog as well as loyal companion for kids and family. This type of puppies can play a vital role in your house as a security guard.

What is body appearance of lab mix Akita?

Akita and lab mix appear in a light mask as well as a chest that is large and square-shaped head, a well-built body and strong thighs, and a slight curving long tail. This body part of Labrakita refer both of the parents Labrador retriever and Akita. These buddies look in square shape, long legged and tall as well as paws that are nicely shaped, excellent bone structures, and good posture that is upright.

How much size a Labrakita dog get?    

Akita lab mix gets 30 to 40KG in fully grown age as well as he increase to approximately 56cm-64cm at its withers.


Males with higher levels of genes from their Akita parent could be bigger than this. The fur that is thick and long from the Lab mix Akita is very thin and straight.

How long expectancy of Akita lab?

They are normally survived 12 to 14 years approximately. Labrakita lifespan is also matter on the diet and keeping of the dog breeder.

How many Labrador Akita mix dog breed colors?

The colors of Lab mix Akita may be appear in puppy including:

  • Black
  • Red
  • White
  • Grey
  • Brindle
  • Cream
  • Fawn
  • Pied

Do Labrador mix Akita shed?

Akita hybrid lab has a heavy double coat which confirm shed two times in a year. So we recommend here you should be taken a brush twice in a week for minimizing shedding and keeping shiny hair.  

What is cost of Labrador Akita mix?

The price of Lab Akita mixes if you are going to buy labrakita puppy so we recommend here you don’t compromise in trustworthy breeder.  Because of a trustworthy breeder will present the results of health tests specific to breeds in the manner that is required and recommended, to make sure that the parents are healthy and willing to breed. 

Labrakita price is normally in the range of $700 to $1200 approximately. This type of lab mix with Akita breed is uncommon and their cost is greater than the other dogs. The cost of a puppy named Labrakita could be determined by their value to their parents. In some cases, due to the high demand for them it is possible that they are higher priced.

Find Akita lab mix for sale near me

If you have low or zero budgets so another option is rescue and shelter centers. They always prefer to find homes for puppies that have been rescued. You can search online for Labrakita for sale near me in your local area such as,

Akita lab mix for sale in USA

Labrakita puppy for sale in UK

Akita and lab mix in Australia

Akita black lab mix for sale in Netherlands

 Lab mix Akita for sale in Canada

Atika Labrador in UAE

The best environment for Labrakita dog      

It is considered that the cold weather is not suitable for Lab Akita mix puppies. They like to warm to moderate temperature because it is ideal for them. Retriever Akita hybrid is happy to take a leap from the front doors into the yard to play for hours with squirrels, butterflies and whatever else takes their interest.

Labrador Akita mix diet

They are so amazing when we talk about diet – requires a lot of food in order to balance their high-octane lifestyle they live.lab mix Akita is so powerful and rapid in metabolism because they need to be fed frequently.


They normally in full grown age can eat 3 to 5 cup of food. If we analyze the total an exercise your dog experienced that day, the diet could differ by a bit. Be sure to provide them with food at least in morning afternoon and evening, or more in the case of exploring the woods.

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