“Labrador Pitbull Mix” Breeds’ Facts & Puppy Pictures

The Lab pit-bull mix breeds comes in existence by mating the two most popular American breeds-Labrador Retriever and American Pit bull Terrier which is known with the various names like Petador retriever, Petador, Labrabull, Bullador and Petador Retriever etc.

Labrador Pitbull mix

We can’t say that where from this breed is originated but we assume that it was simply unplanned/accidentally rearing.

After some time this variety has picked up prominence because of its loving and defensive nature. The hard breed’s puppies are very loyal, intelligent and love to be around their owners. This cross breed can’t live alone at home so you should be careful before adopting this breed because they require time in daily routine. They can become aggressive if you don’t give a time or tied with a rope for long time.


We will discuss about Labrador and Pitubll’s history. According to the official websites they bred early eighteen century as expected like helpers for fisherman. Actually the specially bred for hunting dogs, later they became very popular as pet dog entire world.

We can search history beginning of the American Pit Bull Terrier from the genealogy of the English Pitbull Terrier, who was reared in the nineteenth century. They have a background marked by being utilized in outrageous games, for example, dogfighting etc.

The constant and solid Pit Bull Terriers were reared alongside bigger dog breeds. They had a past filled with being ranch monitor canines that were additionally entrusted with helping in chasing gigantic game or sports.


The pit-bull mix lab is a stronger bloodline as compared with Labrador retriever. Due to both of the demandable cross breed they are very strong and agile demeanor. They can live 8 to 14 years approximately but depends on their health and care.


They can be got 20 to 35 kg in weight and 16 inches to 25 inches in height. Sometime this mix breeds inheritance characteristics too from Labrador retriever and sometime from Pit-bull’s nature. It is depend upon the pure bloodline from both of the parents.

Characteristics & Facts

The pit-bull lab mix breed inheritances a lot of qualities form both of the owners like Labrador are very loyal, intelligent, hunter and other qualities while pit-bull have a strong, energetic, muscular built and hard bloodline. Therefore lab mixes Pit-bull variety carrying a superb two breed’s genes. So they have a lot of characteristics;

Are Pitadors dangerous?

Yes! This breed is devoted and most friendly, and gentle demeanor.  You can hire this breed as a pet for your children and youngsters, can easily trained and perfect for guard dog.  

Where from we can adopt lab mix pitbull puppy?

The hybrid dog breed like labra bull dog is not having breed norms all things considered.

This implies reproducers don’t need to follow a particular sort. Along these lines, it’s a smart thought to altogether examine before purchasing your pup.

Get some information about its parentage; review the pet shops or kennels and solicitation the best possible documentation. Make a point to keep away from doggy plants and pet stores.

A decent raiser ought to be glad to address every one of your inquiries!

They should let you meet the two guardians. Meeting the Pitbull parent is basic. They ought to be calm in your organization, glad for you to come into their home, and have a swaying tail.

The raiser ought to give proof of all the heath tests referenced above, and have an away from with the mother of the young doggies. She should know her name, have probably some fundamental preparing and be loose in mien.

What is petrador retriever’s price?

If you want to buy a mix hybrid pitbull mix lab dog’s puppies so search online in your area about breeds and some kennels. We recommend that you should be hire mix breeds from reputable breeds they rear high quality or strong bloodline. When we are talk about price so it is different from area to area and depends upon demand. I think a normal price range start from $500 to $1500.

Labrabull mix breed’s Colors

As you know that Labrador retriever has different colors such as brown, chocolate, yellow black and white etc. while on other side Pitbull dogs come in various colors. So this hybrid or mix breed’s puppies can be exhibit of multiple colors;

  1. Gray
  2. Red
  3. Black
  4. Brown
  5. Yellow
  6. Blue

The puppies of this mix breed can also give combination of above colors. They look very attractive in these colors.

What are health problems in pitbull mix lab?

The most common health problems Hip and elbow dysplasia are may be attack on your dog’s health. You should be careful about these things proper testing and achieving knowledge from veterinarian and breeders can improve you knowledge and pet health. Another big issue in this hybrid breed is obesity so you should be worry about weight and overdose.  

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