Husky Cattle Dog Mix – Ausky Puppy for Sale Price

Husky Cattle Dog mix or Ausky is a hybrid canine variety which has been developed by crossing two popular Siberian husky and Australian cattle dog. This dog breed is also known with different nick names like Aussie Husky and Aussie Siberian and Husky Blue Heeler Mix etc.

Ausky parents are so intelligent, loyal and active. It is believed that the Siberian husky was developed in Russia by an indigenous group called Chukchi. Chukchi was design to transport goods and even people across the vast expanses of snow and ice in Siberia. Actually cattle dog husky mix was developed to control cattle in Australia and other nearest territory. This implies that they must be extremely quick and agile to avoid getting hit by the same hooves.

Husky Cattle Dog Mix

As you know that Siberian husky’s appearance same as wolf and was cross to live with its own family and is a very sociable breed. The inclusion to the Cattle dog provides Husky Cattle Dog mix an extra guarding character that the Husky and makes it more suitable as an animal guardian or watchdog.

How big do Ausky dogs get?

They are robust, athletic and extremely agile; small to medium size canine can get almost 24 inches in height. Ausky is often got approximately 55 pounds. Because of their Husky heritage, they could be spotted with eye colors that are bright brown and blue or even one of them.

What is Australian Cattle Dog Husky mix puppies’ price?

How much does an Ausky cost? Australian Cattle dog husky mix puppy price is matter on the quality, parents’ bio and often breeder’s reputation. The average price of Ausky is $400 to $800 approximately. If you are finding Australian cattle dog puppy’s cost so search online with keyword (Australian Cattle dog husky mix for sale) in your local area because price might be change due to country wise and future.

Husky Cattle Dog

Husky Cattle Dog mix puppy Ideas you should know

We have mentioned in post below different types of husky cattle mix puppy pictures because this method will help in choosing accurate Ausky Puppy. Australian cattle dog husky mix pups come in different colors such as:

  1. Black and tan mix
  2. White and black spots
  3. Merle black and white
  4. Blue mix with brown
  5. Blue mottle is fingertip sized dark spots
  6. Red Speckle with white
  7. Black body patches
  8. skimo pattern
  9. white clear tiny spot

Are Australian cattle dog mix good dogs?

It is considered that blue heeler husky mix puppies so perfect and ideal choice with kids and other pets. If you adopt them in early age so they are good and social for your family. While in some cases it has been seen Husky cattle dog mix can problem if you adopt them in full grown age. so in shortly we want to say that you should be adopt minimum two month old husky heeler mix puppy and complete their requirements such as diet, training, socialization with society and also familiar with children and elders.

Blue heeler and husky mix can play vital role in different activities such as agility and running and pulling and herding games that are enjoyed by breeders from Siberian husky and Australian Cattle dog.

Husky vs Australian Cattle dog

Huksy mix dog

Siberian husky dog inheriting the working dog qualities while if we talk about Australian cattle dogs them inheriting the herding to cattle.

Although both of the canine verities are not part in the same group but these two breeds share some traits and don’t just have differences, therefore keep reading to find out more. 

Blue Heeler husky mix lifespan is almost around 13 to 15 years. Both of the parents’ life average approximately 16 years maximum.

Husky Heeler Cattle dog appearance

Australian cattle dog mix with husky is a breed that’s very active. Husky heeler mix is a strong bloodline, both in physical appearance and their temperament. it is considered that husky cattle dog mix puppy also very self-sufficient and without socialization early and proper training, they can be inflexible and extremely challenging to handle.

How to train a Cattle dog Husky mix?

Definitely Rewards, praise as well as encouragement are so essential to train you blue heeler husky mix. Here we want to clear that this dog variety is not a bloodline that reacts very well to negative energies. They require home base training even after joining training center or other outside platform.


Ausky puppy is so demandable pet in market in these days. A lot of dog lovers are finding Ausky dog price and reputable breeders. If you have interested in Ausky breeders so search on social media such as face book, Instagram and also YouTube etc.

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