How regularly can i feed my Siamese fighting fish?


The commonly known betta fish, or siamese fight fish is a fascinating type of fish as a result of its splendid fins, and the fame with fish enthusiasts makes it one of the most popular fish in the markets.

This particular species of small live bearing fish comes from South East Asia and has been a top pick with fans everywhere on the planet. It is not difficult to keep, giving you take care of it appropriately and lovingly.

The betta fish is appreciated for its striking tones, long blades, and the capacity to inhale water from the surface and breathe real oxygen. Known for utilising an extraordinary organ, it’s one of the few kept species that can do this in captivity. It is a more modest fish, since they don’t get large in the bogs they live in, in the wild. They should be little causing them to sidestep risk in the high predatory environment.

When it comes to the question, how often you should feed a betta fish (More info here: is pivotal as it’s the most normal mix-up individuals make while caring for the fish and keeping it solid.

You shouldn’t take care of a betta fish by feeding it modest flake food, unless assuming you need it to be old and decrepit. Some live feed each week will keep the fish dynamic, energetic, and its resistance to illness working really well. Cheap food is ordinarily bad quality fish feed that is accessible at any betta fish store – avoid that!

Additionally, don’t keep betta fish in bowls (source: Everybody should know that at this point. You want a decent filtration framework and a suitable substrate and plant/fauna materials present in the tank. What you ought to likewise do is guarantee great lighting and safe haven for the fish – this can be fake rock or live wood or rock. Even a plastic ship will do! Fish bowls are the most terrible climate for a fish, especially the vibrant betta fish. Get a medium measured tank for a betta fish please.

Rocks are incredible in light of the fact that the draw in green growth for the fish to eat also, algae is a staple in any betta fish diet. Dead wood can now and then dirty the water yet with a decent filter this won’t be an issue. Wood is typically best for the bigger tanks with fish and shrimp that assist with keeping water clean. Sucker fish normally are compatible with Betta fish.

The habits of betta fish with regard to their feeding habits are fluctuated. In the wild marshes of Asia they eat dead bugs, green growth, live worms and plant wastage. They will essentially eat anything they can get their hands on but that isn’t always a good thing.

How often you feed a betta fish?

Well, simply attempt to take care of it a fair eating routine 5 times each week with what it will eat within a 1 minute space of time. Do not feed it more than it can eat in that time.

If you are feeding it flake food, then feed it a pinch once per day.

If you are feeding live feed then feed it a little bit 4 times a week.

If you are feeding a mix, then again four times per week.

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