Here Are 6 Fun Activities with Puppy You Should Take

There is no point in staying lonely if you have a puppy in your house. But as you spend time with your pet, you should look to make it count. It can be best done by doing some fun activities with puppy.

Exercise and mental stimulation are two benefits of engaging in activities with your dog that deepen your relationship while also promoting general health.

fun activities with puppy

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There are many dog activities you can do to keep that tail wagging, whether you have a new puppy, need original ideas for a pet-sitting job, or just want to provide new amusement for your dog.

So follow the tips below and make your everyday count!

  1. Play “Locate The Treats” Game

One of the simplest methods to exhaust your dog is to play nose work activities. By teaching your dog simple nose work activities like “find the treats,” you’re intellectually taxing them and assisting them in honing some of their innate abilities.

You don’t even need a big bag of dog goodies from the shop. All you need to do to play is gather some treats, set your dog in the remaining posture, then scatter the treats throughout the room. Give your dog the command to “find the treats” and encourage them to do so, being sure to give them praise each time they do.

Even if you do some running with your puppy, it will keep them active.

  • Use Different Toys To Ensure Fun Activities with Puppy

A simple way to engage with your dog is to use different toys. It doesn’t matter if you are indoors or outdoors; the stuffed toys for golden retrievers can be great once you start using them with your pet.

They are harmless and won’t have any bad impact on your pet.

For instance, if you get a ball to play with your dog outdoors, it can keep your pet agile as it can be a resourceful thing to do some much-needed physical activity.

Such initiatives must be taken, as they can convert our time into something you and your pet can enjoy!

  • Train Your Puppy to Assist You With Chores

Turn the fun into productivity.

Even if it’s just to get your slippers, dogs adore having a task to complete. By teaching them the names of certain items you wouldn’t mind having retrieved, you can increase their sense of usefulness.

Doing all of this is a lot of fun. Dogs enjoy it too. So teach your dog to bring you something from the refrigerator to wow all of your friends.

When training your dog to open a refrigerator door, wrap a towel around the handle to make it simple for them to do so. Also, you can teach your dog to assist with household duties if you’re feeling very superhuman.

  • A Challenge Course

You can set up an indoor agility course for you and your dog, whether you’re getting overly bored or your dog is a budding agility star.

You can play for a little bit longer and stay out of the cold, rainy weather, or even snow and ice, by transferring the pleasure indoors. You may use a tiny tunnel to provide obstacles for your dog to jump over, weave through, or even add a pause table to mimic a genuine agility course if you have one.

If you can’t get broom handles threaded between two chairs to operate as a “jump,” toilet paper is another good choice provided you have some on hand.

These activities also provide aid of understanding between you and your dog.

  • Practice Recalling With Your Dog

It is essential to understand that dogs can be trained in every way you wish them to be. So you must add the recalling point in presence of some distractions.

It can be a challenge in the beginning but as you do it repeatedly you will be able to love this practice more than before.

Keep on recalling your pup around different obstacles which can make the dog understand you better. As you try different things, every time make it a bit harder. So that the dog tries more.

  • Do More Communication

Dogs can be great at using their brains as they can retain a lot of information with them.

That’s the same thing you can do with your puppy. Make them learn the names of different things, which can include the dog’s toys and even your things, as spending time with your dog will make it more loyal to you.

By doing so, you can ensure sending more time with your pet. Start by naming a single toy while you play with it in the beginning. Your dog will associate that spoken name with the selected toy after some practice and positive reinforcement.


Dogs can be fun to spend time with. But when you train them, it becomes a lot more fun, and surely you might not even need your friend’s company.

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