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What is a Doberman Rottweiler mix?

What is a Rottweiler Doberman mix called? The Doberman Rottweiler mix is a cross dog breed between the Doberman Pinscher and the Rottweiler. When these two most strong and guard dog breeds mix, – result comes as Rotterman.  As you know, their parents are listed among the top dog breeds, which are very intelligent, loyal, and well known as security dog breeds. I have also noticed that some people called them


Doberman Rottweiler mix


Doberman mix with Rottweiler is a hybrid dog variety and an ideal choice for those who like large dog breeds. Rottweiler and Doberman mix is also known with different nick names, such as Doberott, Rottie Dobe, Doberweiler, Rottie Dobie, etc.


How big does a rotterman get?


How big does a Doberman Rottweiler mix get? If we analyze the Rotterdam height, they get 24 to 28 inches. They are known as terrified dogs due to their height and body appearance.  Some Rotterdam puppies may be small or large in size, as mentioned above, because health and bloodline are important in litters.

Full grown Doberman Rottweriler mix is 60 to 125 pounds in weight. Normally, a healthy Rottie Dobe goes 100+ pounds in weight. You should make a proper daily schedule for exercise and wake up to a healthy dog. A lot of breeders are maintaining Rotterman size very well.



The average lifespan of a Rotterman dog is approximately 8 to 15 years. The life average of any dog depends on their health, bloodline, and environment. Some Doberott canines are surviving too long from the average age—this happened by chance.


How much is a rotterman puppy?


 A lot of breeders are rearing Rotterman mix dog breeds. This hybrid dog variety becomes a professional dog breed among dog fanciers. You can find online Rottweiler mix Doberman Pinscher puppies in your local area. While you can visit the rescue center to find a Doberman mix of Rottie females and males,.


Can you mix Rottweiler with Doberman?


If you are like both of the dog breeds; Rottweiler and Doberman Pincher, but you have a small area or budget, Rottie Dobie is an ideal choice. Find both of the breeds and cross them for quality puppies. Otherwise, you can hire a Doberweiler from a reputable breeder.



What is the price for a Doberman Rottweiler mix?


If you are interested in finding Doberman Rottweiler mix for sale, first of all, search about Rotterman’s cost. We are sharing here some average rates of Rotterman puppies. Rottweiler mixes with Doberman puppies’ price depends on reputable breeders and the quality of the pups. Some breeders are asking online for 1500- to 2200. Doberman Rottweiler mix puppies in the USA. It is confirmed that the Doberman Rottweiler mix price is different by country due to demand.

Warning! Actually, Rotterman price may change in the future or due to area differences, so search online in your local area to verification.


Buy Doberman Pinscher x Rottweiler Puppies


It is essential that you know proper information about Rottweiler-Doberman puppies, such as their coat pattern, puppy’s health certificates, their rearing environment, parents’ records, etc.

If you are looking for top reputable breeders about Rottweiler x Doberman puppies for sale in USA, visit Green Field Puppies, A Love of Rottweiler and Hepper, etc.

Rottweiler Mix Doberman


Training effectiveness is crucial for achieving desired outcomes


As we read above, a Rottweiler-Doberman mix breed is strong-willed and intelligent and requires consistency and first-year training. When you train them at an early age with the basic beneficial techniques, they might be loyal companions.


Doberweiler mix dog breeds


If you love some other standard dog breeds, there are some options to get Doberman mix breeds with Rottweilers, such as:

  1. Doberman Pinscher Rottweiler German Shepherd Mix
  2. Doberman Great Dane Rottweiler Mix
  3. Miniature Pinscher and Rottweiler mix


Rottweiler Doberman mix puppy images

There are some Rotterman puppy pictures to enjoy!

Full-grown Doberman Rottweiler mix pictures


Full Grown Doberman Rottweiler mix


Doberman – Rottweiler German shepherd Mix


Rotterman Female


Doberman Rottweiler mix colors

There are some of the most popular Rottweiler mix colors:

Red Doberman Rottweiler mix

Brown Rotterman

Blue Rotterman



So we hope that this content is very helpful for Rottweiler mix canine lovers. If you have any questions about dobie rottie mix breed so contact us without any hesitation we are ready to solve it.

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