Exotic Shorty Bull Puppies vs. Pocket Bully for you

What is a Shorty bull dog?

The most amazing Shorty Bull is a hybrid dog variety which has been bred first time in Kansas (Shorty bull origin). Amy Krogman and Jamie Sweet is founder of this dog variety. These dogs are so popular among dog fanciers who like to rear bully dog breeds. The reason due to the high-maintenance American Bulldog, breeder was moving from the larger breed to smaller breeds. They wanted to create a masterpiece with smaller breeds that could be easily maintained.

shorty bull

After many years of experimentation with three essential breeds, the English bulldog, French bulldog and Staffordshire bull terrier, they created a Bulldog that is unlike anything else in the world. It may be the most famous small-breed Bulldog ever made. So here your concept about shorty bull mix with has been cleared.

Are you thinking about buying this particular mix variety? If yes, then you’ve come to the right spot. In this post, we’ll go over all you must be aware of this amazing puppy. Relaxed, friendly and a lot of fun The Shorty Bull is bound to be a great companion pet for the right family or dog lover.

How big do Shortie bull dog get?

Shorty bulldog is small in stature, which is approximately 15 inches tall, is an ideal pet for the family. As a relatively new breed, it hasn’t yet been officially registered by AKC.

40lbs is the recommended weight for this breed of bulldog. The shorter Bulls with a weight of more than 40lbs are acceptable when the weight is in line with the height. If they get too as mentioned above so puppies might be lesser.

They are well-muscled, heavy-boned dogs that have the English bulldog’s low-slung body and impressive, broad chest. In terms of appearance, they have the most similarities to Staffordshire bull terrier with their long, droopy ears and droopy eyes.

Are Shorty bulls dangerous?

Actually guys!  shorty bulldog temperament is loyal, independent and affectionate. Shorty Bulls are not hostile to humans even-tempered and kind. Acute shyness or excessive aggression is not a good thing.

What is Shorty bull life expectancy?

How long do shorty bulls lives? The Shorty bully life span is 12 to 14 years approximately. This dog breed has a small stature can be survive too from average life expectancy but requires a play and exercise activity in daily routine. Other factors like diet and medical treatment can often be effect in lifespan. So you should be carefully about your puppy.

How many puppies can a Shorty Bull dog have?

How many litters can a Shorty bull have? The majority of Shorty Bulls breed and whelp independently, producing litters that range between 4 to up to 10which is 6 as the typical size of the litter. They are a great choice for feeding and, as a group, are generally well-behaved, keeping the requirement for veterinary treatment to an absolute minimal.

What is Shorty bull diet?

There are some dry or market foods for Shorty bull dog but you can get opinion from your vet before giving any type of dry food. These items can be unhealthy to your puppy due to different reasons.

  • Royal Canin Breed Health Nutrition Bulldog Puppy Dry Dog Food. …
  • Blue Buffalo Wilderness High Protein Grain Free Natural Puppy Wet Dog Food. …
  • IAMS Proactive Puppy Dry Dog Food. …
  • CANIDAE PURE Puppy Recipe. …
  • Purina Pro Plan Puppy Dry Dog Food. …
  • Purina Pro Plan High Protein Wet Puppy Food.

Shorty Bull Breed Standard

The body should be a little shorter from the withers to the tail.  Their Chest should be large to height, and should be deep enough to reach the elbow. The chest could be wider than the rear; however the hindquarters that are narrow can be a problem. A slim look is desirable the width of the both the front and hindquarters must be in proportion, and not lend to the appearance of a narrow rear.

How we can adopt Shorty bully easily?

You can adopt shorty bulls from different ways has been mentioned below. As well as we there are some kennel club’s which shorty bully have recognized such as:

  • ABKC = American Bully Kennel Club
  • BBC = Backwoods Bulldog Club
  • BBCR = Bully Breed Coalition Registry
  • DRA = Dog Registry of America, Inc.

Shorty bullies for sale near me

What is Shorty bull cost?  If you are finding Shorty puppies from everywhere then you should be know all about rates and quality about puppy. So here we are discussing about cost of shorty bull which may be different in future. Shorty bull price is around $1200 to $2400 approximately.

One method to achieve this is to use responsible breeders. Find breeders with an experience in breeding dogs, such as Shorty Bulls and breeders that can offer you documentation proving your dog was checked and cleared of certain health concerns. Shorty bull puppies cost is also matter on the quality and breeder’s reputable.

Shorty bull with uncropped ears

Even though this is a substantial cost to be paying for a puppy, it’s not a good idea to attempt to cut corners by using the backyard breeder, sellers on websites or even those who are looking for a way to market Shorty Bull puppies for much greater or lesser than the value they’re expected to receive.

Shorty Bull Breeders near me

Here our aim is to giving right information about Shorty bull mini bulldog in your local area. So you can search online as shorty bull breeders in California definitely you’ll get all and accurate data in your nearest area, such as Californiashortybull.com or shortybullin.com etc.

As well as you can type shorty bull in Canada – all reputable breeders can be list. I have personally found shorty bull from Canda with the website of bullygirlmagazine.com etc.

Some fanciers finding shorty bull hoobly and Hawaii as well as shorty bull Colorado etc.

What dog is exotic bully?

What is called exotic bully? My viewers’ exotic bully carries the features of bulldog but little bit of different from the traditional American puppy of Bullies. Exotic bulls are known to possess excessive and over-the-top features from smaller Bulldog breeds like The French Bulldog, Shorty Bull and the English bulldog.

Shorty bully breeders Australia

We have found some reputable shorty bull breeders in Australia have mentioned below:

Place Types          :         Dog Breeder

Address      :         shellharbour, Wollongong, New South Wales 2528

Coordinate  :         -37.1603165467, 147.65625

Phone         :        

Email :        

Social          :         facebook.com/shortybullsaustralia

Shorty bull for sale UK

When you type shorty bull for sale in UK, some top breeders can browse in top 10 Google’s list. We consider that there is some reputable breeders’ site such as Gumtree.com and pets4homes.com.uk etc. so we recommend here you should be know shorty bull puppies’ price in UK from these online sites. Shorty bull price in UK is almost PS 3000 to PS 4000. If you think these prices are a bit high the truth is that puppy prices have gone up dramatically since the time of Corona virus was declared a ‘lockdown. While if you live in Texas so search with shroty bull for sale in Texas etc.

Some people are searching about different keywords such as:

Shorty bull Germany

Shorty bull kaufen

Shorty bull hund

Shorty bull health problems

Shorty bull health issues come due to Snouts that are short and skulls that are compressed can cause dogs to suffer from breathing problems that are serious that not only increases the chance of death due to respiratory disease, but also makes it harder to stay cool. The wrinkled skin also makes bulldogs more susceptible to ear and eye problems. There are some common health problems in Shorty bull such as:

  1. Cardiac Issues
  2. Skin Fold Dermatitis
  3. Skin Allergies
  4. Cherry Eye
  5. Obesity
  • Respiratory Issues
  • Hip Dysplasia
  • Brachycephalic Airway Syndrome
  • Sensitivity to Heat
  • And Dental Disease

If you see any type of health problem sign then contact to the veterinarian as soon as possible.

Shorty bull vs. French bulldog

  1. If you are familiar with the characteristics, temperament, and behavior of the French bulldog, it is a wonderful dog to have. It is not worth buying a French bulldog only to find out later that it is not the right type of dog.
  2. The French bulldog is thought to descend from 19th-century English bulldogs that were trained to be companions and lapdogs for working people.
  3. According to some stories, the French bulldog may be a descendant of a Spanish bull-baiting breed. Some small bulldog puppies were brought to France by French dog breeders during the 1860’s, when they were popular in Britain. They were then crossed with French terriers. The French bulldogs we now know as French bulldogs were born.
  4. This dog has listed in standard kennel club and come in various colors, white, skin, fawn as well as pied and brindle etc.
  5. They are muscular dogs with strong bones, a soft and smooth coat, and a compact structure. Each feature is well-defined and proportioned to each other. The overall appearance is not affected by any one feature.
  6. The head looks unusually large and square. Although the skull’s top is somewhat flat, it is slightly rounded. The eye sockets have a distinct groove.
  7. The cheek muscles are prominent. Although the nose is small, the nostrils are large with a clear line between them.
  8. Shorty bull mix with French bulldog puppies can get features from both of parents so you can often get this one.
  9. If we talk about shorty bull information so above already been mentioned.

Shorty bull Ontario KD Shorty dog

 We have mentioned above link to visit shorty bull for sale in Ontario.

shorty bull for sale ohio

You can find cute shorty bull puppies for sale near me in Ohio or Illinois.

How many types of Shorty bull colors?

They can be come in all of the color combination, with the exception of Merle on. There are some most popular and cute colors of Shorty bull puppies with images like:

  • Blue River
  • Brindle
  • White
  • Brown
  • Black
  • Grey
  • Tawny
  • Beige or Merle

Find shorty bull for sale in Virginia!

Shorty bully versus pocket bully

  • What is pocket size bully? Pocket Bullies are miniature bloodline of the American Bully and not recognized till now as a breed by major Kennel Club because it is a mix breed. . They are not purebreds, however, like miniature breeds such as the Labrador. Micro bull puppies are actually a mix of the patterdale Terrier and the American Bully. 
  • While the latest shorty bull dog line is being bred to be small. They are smaller than many bully dog varieties and do not include Boston terrier and Pug. Shorty pups are bred not only for their looks but also for their physical and working abilities.
  • Actually guys! Pocket bullies or micro bullies are smaller than the Standard Bully and appear to be a smaller version. Pocket bully price is around $ 2200 averagely but they can cost anywhere from $25, 00 to $7,000.

Shorty bull vs. American bully

  • You can learn a lot about the differences between bully breeds, whether you are a novice or an experienced owner. The shorty Bully is mini and closer to the ground than the American Bully. They are a more recent breed. The American Bully is a larger breed and more muscular than the Bully. Both breeds make great family pets, but they require a lot of exercise.
  • Pocket or miniature bullies are energetic that require lots of exercise. They are energetic and have a lot of energy which helps them to manage their weight and keep them from being destructive.
  • Exotic Bullies should never be left alone by their owners. They require a lot of exercise and owner involvement. This dog variety can’t be left in their backyard for an hour; they need to be taken to the park and on long walks.
  • While American bully eat too much as compared to small bully. They consume an average of four cups (950mL) of food per day. This is considerably more than the miniature bully. You should also inspect the bag for weight specifications.
  • American bully is an ideal choice for keeping as a pet. They can easily adjust with other pets like cats and other small pets. American bully is also known to their loyalty and devotion for owners and other family members.
  • American bull puppies can have long ears or cropped ears, but the bully breeds will have prominent cheeks and the usual wrinkles.

Shorty bull vs English bulldog

Shorty Bull InfoEnglish bulldog comparison
Purebred  = No
Lifespan = 12 to 14 ‘
Intelligence = average
Family pet = Good
Apartment = Ok
Backyard = No
Grooming Need = Yes
Focused & Patient = No
Aggression = Below
Guardning = Average
Protection = Average
Sledding = Low           ‘
Coat Fur = Yes
Shedding = Medium
Purebred  =  yes  
Lifespan = 10 to 14
Intelligence = high
Family pet = below average
Apartment = Ok
Backyard = Yes
Grooming Need = Yes
Focused & Patient = Yes
Aggression = High
Guardning = High
Protection = High
Sledding = Low
Coat Fur = Yes
Shedding = low Medium

Some other breeders are sellers of bulldogs like:

  • Shorty Gorham bullfighter
  • Shorty Gorham bull rider
  • shorty bull größe
  • shorty bull gewicht

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