Amazing Great Pyrenees Poodle Mix – Pyredoodle

Pyredoodle is a hybrid canine variety which has been designed by crossing Great Pyrenees and Poodle dog. Great Pyrenees poodle mix is also popular with cute nick names such as pyrepoo, pyreneesedoodle and pyreneespoo etc.


Great Pyrenees poodle cross puppies are carrying an excellent temperament from both of parents. They do well task by giving from their owner even guard or any of the game activity. Pyrenees doodle are getting greater height, which is usually around 32 inches tall. This is tall enough to be intimidating to many however; those who get to know about this breed discover that they are wonderful companions. Pyredoodle average size is around 25 to 30 inches.  If you’re entire family members lead an active life, this dog could be a great fit for you.

Is pyrepoo good as a pet?

The high level of intelligence of the Poodle mix Great pyrnees can make training a breeze but beware: They can be an extremely determination-driven streak. Make sure you use plenty of positive reinforcement as well as reward-based training in order to keep your dog entertained and content throughout training sessions. It is also recommended to offer your Pyredoodle with lots of stimulating games or toys that keep him entertained and also to stop any negative behaviors from happening particularly in puppies!

Pyredoodle do best in homes that have a backyard with a fence which can accommodate their size. However, they can adjust to apartments, if they are given enough exercise throughout the daytime. The Pyredoodle can be as effective in a household with children as it does in a house with just one person, so it is as long as they be given lots of love. This dog breed has a distinctive, shed-free coat, which is why they are popular with people suffering from allergies who want an oversized breed but aren’t able to handle the shed of a breed such as those of Great Pyrenees.

Are Pyredoodles hair or fur?

Some reputable dog breeders are breeding Pyredoodles puppies in long and fluffy hair coat. While they can be appear in short hair coat reply on the count of which parent the dog takes after too.

How often should you wash a Pyredoodle?

Fluffy Pyredoodle long coat requires daily brushing to avoid matting. Make sure to clean the Pyredoodle just when it is necessary. The natural oils that are present in his coat will keep his fur healthy and shiny. Cleanse his teeth at least at least twice a week to avoid the formation of tartar and bad breath.

How to groom a pyredoodle

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What is pyredoodle puppies cost?

Pyredoodle price is a different topic at everywhere because of different reasons like puppy’s quality, breeder’s reputation as well as location etc. the average price of Pyredoodle is starts from $1300 to $1700.

If you want to adopt top quality so pedigree Pyredoodle cost you can expect to pay $2500 to $7500 approximately.

Annual tax of adopting a Pyredoodle puppy

Prior to purchasing a Pyrenees poodle mix it is vital to comprehend the related expenses of possessing a canine. The yearly expense or “upkeep” is in many cases neglected while deciding a Pyredoodles genuine proprietorship cost.

While ascertaining your spending plan ensure you represent the cost of food, immunizations, heartworm, deworming, insect control, vet bills, fix/fix expenses, prepping, dental consideration, food, preparing and supplies like a collar, chain, carton, bed, bowls, bones, and toys.

These things can add up rapidly so ensure you gauge somewhere in the range of $600 – $2500 or something else for the principal year then about $700 – $1500 or more consistently from there on to meet the yearly monetary commitments of your developing, cherishing canine.

Pyredoodle reputable breeders near me

You can find poodle mix with Pyrenees puppies from most reputable breeders near me in your California and all over the USA. Puppy finder is an ideal platform to adopting a best puppies you can try or type online best reputable poodle mix Pyrenees puppies in your local area.

There are some best pyredoodle studs near you:

  1. Royalty Kennels Pyredoodle Puppies for Sale
  2. Kiki’s Farm Pyredoodles       
  3. F1b parti Pyredoodles

Pyredoodle rescue near me

There are some ideal Pyredoodle Rescues in California:

  • Bay Area Poodle Rescue
  • Poodle Rescue of Southern California
  • NorCal Poodle Rescue

You can search online in different locations such as pyredoodle in Alberta, Atlanta, Florida and Texas etc. we have found some keywords about Pyredoodle breeders Florida, and pyre doodle breeders Texas etc.

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