Amazing Catahoula Pit Mix Dog Puppies Colors & Pics

The Catahoula Pit Mix is most demandable, intelligence and eye catching listed as American native canine variety. The history of Catahoula leopard dog is belongs to Louisiana’s dog breeders – was developed and rear to hunting and herding livestock etc. later! This cute bloodline has been designed and crossed with various dog breeds by fanciers for a perfect guard, pet and family purpose etc. so, one of them Catahoula pit mix is so cute and ideal option for new dog fanciers.

Catahoula pit mix

Catahoula leopard dog mix with American pit bull dog is also called Pitahoula or Pit Catahoula mix dog.

How big does a Catahoula pitbull mix get?

They probably get 20 to 22 inches in height and in weight 40 to 75 pounds approximately. The life expectancy of Catahoula mix pit-bull is around 10 to14 years.

Are Catahoula pit bull mix good dogs?

Yes! Pitahoula dogs are so family protective, very alert, energetic, loyal and loving dogs. Catahoula pit-bull mixes are good dogs for pet and family members but they require plenty of exercise and training. They are often ideal pet for apartments and short places – survive very well.

What are rare Catahoula pit-bull mix colors?

Actually the Pitahoula mix dog puppies can get different amazing colors from their both of parents. Such as spotted marking with merle from Catahoula Leopard dog and blue, white, red and black etc from Pit bull dog breed. You can also expect totally blue, red or white from your Pit bull mix with Catahoula puppy.

What is Catahoula pit-bull mix cost?

Catahoula Pit bull mix price is normally asking by reputable breeders almost $350 to $700. If you want to adopt Pitahoula puppies so search online with the keyword of “Catahoula pit bull mix for sale” in your local area. The cost of Pitahoula puppies for sale might be change due to some factors like, area, demand and quality of puppy.

Pitahoula pitbull mix Brindle dog pics

White Catahoula pit mix

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